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Purposely Chosen Teen Program

The Purposely Chosen Program is a facilitated curriculum-based program for teen girls (ages 13-18) that was designed to equip girls with the tools they need to pursue passion, demonstrate leadership, and overcome obstacles they may face.

Due to COVID-19, Limitless Ambition has created an instructor-led virtual program developed to reach the girls in spite of the pandemic or other life circumstances that might hinder in-person participation.
Each session has a topic to guide the discussion and girls will have an opportunity to reflect in their workbook. Programs are typically 8 - 10 weeks and take place during the school day.

The Purposely Chosen curriculum is designed around the Social-Emotional Learning Theory, one of the Ohio Department of Education’s four learning domains that has been found to contribute to the holistic success of a child. The curriculum “educates the whole child” - helping participants acquire and apply the skills to manage their emotions and achieve their goals. The life skills developed support both personal development and academic performance.


Learning Objectives:

  • To Increase self-esteem, sense of personal control, and promote positive identity and awareness of self

  • To give participants the tools they need to develop and enhance personal, leadership, communication, decision making, problem solving and social skills

  • To educate teens about their culture/heritage, and encourage them to take pride in their history

  • To encourage teens to develop friendships and to build a strong sisterhood within the community

  • To shed awareness and decrease teen involvement in risky behaviors such as sex, violence, and substance abuse

  • To increase high school graduation rates and college enrollment/graduation rates in low-income families

2022-2023 Program Sites

📍Akron, Ohio

  • Jennings Middle School

  • STEM Middle School

  • North High School

  • Buchtel Middle School

  • Buchtel High School 

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