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Your Part in Their Pursuit

The women of our future need your “Yes” today.
Their daughters and granddaughters need it too.

Over the next 18 months, our goal is to raise a total of $316,000 to expand outward — into more schools in Cleveland and Akron … and to explore inward — providing girls with big ideas the tools they need to lead lives of passion and purpose while loving themselves in the process. The means to be heard. The opportunity to raise each other up, to succeed individually and together.

Please consider how you can partner with Limitless Ambition today in The Pursuit of Purpose. Using the giving options below, decide which investment you can make for the sake of tomorrow’s leaders. Thank you!

No Limits to Success - Grow and Go

In order to meet the increasing need to provide resources, training, and support to young women in more communities in northeast Ohio, we must extend our reach. And we can accomplish this in three key areas today, with your help:

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In this webinar we will cover

Donate to The Pursuit of Purpose

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