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Limitless Ambition, Inc. uses creative approaches to help girls and young women overcome boundaries to their success. Built and led by women, the nonprofit preserves and promotes the visions of emerging women who have been discouraged from pursuing their goals. By providing resources, training, and support - this young organization assists girls and young women in developing their limitless ambitions.

We're staffed by hardworking, sincere women who have seen how important these support structures are.


Our Mission

Limitless Ambition, Inc. works with young women to overcome the boundaries to their success. We preserve and promote the visions of young girls and women who may have been discouraged from pursuing their long-term goals. By providing resources, training, and support, we assist these women in developing limitless ambitions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to supply women all over the world with the tools they need to be effective leaders, business women, and positive role models. We are striving to help build a positive network of women who can learn to use their purpose to add value to the lives of others by creating businesses, sharing their testimony, and impacting the community.

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