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Taking Advantage of Akron’s Employment Programs

A 2013 Huffington Post article mentioned that low wage workers are not taking advantages of key programs that provide further training and experience to help move these workers into the middle class economic status. If you are low-income or unemployed and looking to advance your career exploring some of your area’s employment programs may offer useful benefits. Limitless Ambition is mainly housed in the Akron and Cuyahoga areas of Northeast Ohio. Our main programs is housed in Akron and we are proud to share that the city offers a wealth of employment opportunities. Are you not from Akron? Google: Your city + Employment training to see if you can find anything. Need help contact one of mentors for further assistance.

Here are four of the top employment programs to check out in Akron.

Career Clothing Bank - The Akron Career Clothing Bank is offered under the Akron Urban League and it provides free career clothes to those looking for a job. Participants can use this service once every three months to choose up to 6 articles of clothing. There are specific hours so contact the clothing bank for more here: 330-434-3101

Transitions - This program is specific for those with a criminal history and having issues with continuous employment. It provides a one week job readiness courses, employment screening, and connections to organizations with potential job opportunities. Contact this number for more 234-542-4160

ASSET - ASSET stands for Akron Selected Skills Enrichment Training and it a 90 day course that covers computer and business skills. With this program you will also get a mentor from the local corporate community and a wealth of other skill development courses. Call for more information 330-434-3101.

Sometimes you don’t have to leave your home. Make sure to check out for online and more local resources to advance your career. Of course for more personal guidance make sure to check one of our awesome LA Mentors.

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