College Myths: BUSTED!

If you’re reading this article, I’d say it’s pretty likely that you or your loved one is looking into colleges. Going to college can be a pretty tricky thing no matter how well versed you are of the facts. People question what is right for them to do when they’re in high school, asking questions like, “How can I pay for college? How can I make the grades for college? Would I be able to survive my years there?” You don’t need a team of scientists to find out whether or not you can fit into university, community college or the like. It takes time and consideration. However, some college misconceptions need to be noted before jumping to the conclusion of whether you can attend a college or not.

College is only for Super Rich People

One thing I came to understand really quickly was that college, although it can be extremely expensive, is doable if you go about it right. I am the living proof of this. I was never a perfect student, and I started rather late for someone going to a school like Kent State University. I hadn’t even put in any applications until the month before I graduated. However, I found that through government aid and scholarships, plenty of my schooling was paid for. It was a lot more than I ever thought I could get.

I found out about my options through my counselor and online, and found that I could get financial aid from the government because of my financial situation. From there I filled out all my forms, tried for as many scholarships as I could and did my best throughout the rest of my school year. I can’t say that I didn’t have to withdraw some loans merely out of running out of time, but nevertheless, here I am in a wonderful school.

My parents had nothing to give towards my education, yet I am here. Therefore, before you cross college off your list because of your family situation, I would strongly suggest that you look into your situation. Everyone knows that college is both necessary most of the time and nearly impossible to pay off by yourself. Therefore if you take the time to look for help, you’ll find scholarships and grants if you look. It’s not like you’ll have to pay a fee if you opt out of college, so see how much you can receive, and try your best.

College is only for Super Intelligent People

Who knew that somebody like me could get into a well accredited school like Kent State University? I certainly didn’t think I could. However, I am so grateful that I took a step of faith by putting in an application. As a first generation i student, I couldn’t say if I was going to be ready for the homework or the studying until 4 in the morning. Compared to most of the students in my grade, I was just average. Sure, I was in the honors classes in nearly all of my classes, but I found the normal classes to be more challenging than my honors courses.

But, now that I’ve had two years of higher education under my belt, I can say that I had nothing to worry about, at least up until this point. Work in college is so much different compared to most high school courses. With an emphasis on understanding instead of gross memorization in most of my courses, I do rather well. Not nearly as much busy work compared to many of my days in my high school career. And therefore, you don’t have to be the type to study all night nor the person that just know things off the top of your heads to succeed. You don’t even have to be great at every subject.

Like many great Universities, Kent State has a great provision that they have for all students, which is tutoring in several different subjects. They have writing labs, counselors, and special services for students who have special needs. Whether you have a disablilty to something like test anxiety, they provide many services that truly help people make it through college in one piece. People there want you to su