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Straight to Work: Jobs that Don’t Require a Four Year Degree

Here at Limitless Ambition we know there are many pathways to success beyond the traditional college education pathway. If you have the persistance, awareness, and drive you will find success in almost any endeavor. One of the easiest entry ways to a fulfilling life without a four year college degree is through finding a job. Finding jobs that pay a decent living can be a challenge, but not an impossible feat. It can also provide a salary that, if managed wisely, can provide for a sustained life and decent future. According to the 2011 College Employment Research Institute the average salary of an associates degree holder can range from $28,580-$39,961. While the maximum average caps at around $75,000. This is a very liveable wage and if that is not enough to sustain your household, an associates degree is still an afforable gateway to earning the bachelor’s.

Another option is skipping college all together. There are highly specialized positions out there that pay premium for talented and reliable workers. compiled a list of the highest paying jobs that don’t require a degree. Here are some of our favorites from the list.

1. Loan Officer $56,490

2. Elevator Installer and Repairer $70,910

3. Power Plant Operator $65,360

4. Commercial Pilot $92,060

5. Air Traffic Controller $108,040

Business Insider’s list of 40 jobs that don’t require a degree opens up even more options and even provides the experience you may need to pursue one of these careers.Being a gaming manager sounds as if it would be a pretty glamourous position! If none of these careers sound appealing, don’t fear! A quick search on a career job board such as will definitely help narrow down job positions in your desired area that fit the criteria you need. The main point is: avoiding the four-year degree is not the end of the world. There are real and practical ways to live a well funded life if it is your true desire.

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